We Buy

With our unique and “first in the world machinery” we are able to process all PET waste into new raw materials. We welcome PET waste suppliers from all over the world to contact us, we have an UpCycling solution for all PET waste. Together we can create long term value from your PET waste.

Some examples of the PET waste we can process:

  • Pet Film
  • Pet Bottles
  • Pet Preforms
  • Pet Fines
  • Pet Fiber
  • Pet Liner
  • Pet Flakes
  • Pet Straps
  • Pet Sheet
  • Pet Resin

The quality level of the material is not important for us, with our UpCycle machinery we can UpCycle the material to required quality we need. We have inhouse shredders to downsize the material also we are able to compact the material to the density level needed.

With our global logistic partners, we can collect PET waste all over the world.

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