PET Flakes

Our PET Flakes are available in Transparent, Blue, Green, Brown and Mixed colours. The PET flakes can be Hot ore Cold washed according to your specifications. We have various NIR after sorting possibilities according to your specification.

As the PET recycling market is more and more a global market, it is very important to implement the same quality levels around the globe. From our experience we have seen many different ways how the quality of the of PET Flakes and Recycled PET (rPET) resin pellets is measured. With our inhouse laboratory, in the Netherlands, we can guarantee our customers a constant quality level measured according to European standards. Each batch traded ore produced is sampled and provided with a detailed rapport. In this way we always supply within the specification according to our customer.

We have a global network to source PET waste as our raw material. Long term relationships and contracts with our PET waste suppliers guarantee us and our customers a stable and secure supply of their PET Flakes.

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Pet Flakes and Pet Granules Pellets