About us

We specialize in the trading and production of PET Flakes and Recycled PET (rPET) resin pellets.

The production lines at our facility are state of the art, flexible and fast. This ensures short lead times and the best quality PET flakes and Recycled PET (rPET) resin pellets.

With our unique and “first in the world machinery” we are able to process Recycled PET raw materials that normally end up at a landfill. In our facility all PET waste gets a second life and can recycled over and over again. We can UpCycle the Recycled PET (rPET ) to high IV levels if required.

As the PET recycling market is more and more a global market, it is very important to implement the same quality levels around the globe. From our experience we have seen many different ways how the quality of the of PET Flakes and Recycled PET (rPET) resin pellets is measured. With our inhouse laboratory, in the Netherlands, we can guarantee our customers a constant quality level measured according to European standards. Each batch traded or produced is sampled and provided with a detailed rapport. In this way we always supply within the specification according to our customer.

We measure:

• Moisture
• Specific weight … g/cm³
• Share in dust …. %
• IV Level ….dl/g
• Melting point …. °C
• Metal ….ppm
• Paper …. ppm
• Polyolefine ….ppm
• PVC …. ppm
• Flakes with glue … ppm
• Flakes opaque …..ppm
• Flakes coloured ….ppm
• Flakes light blue …ppm
• Flakes green….ppm

Next to standard parameters, we can also measure parameters according to customer requirements.

In Purmerend, The Netherlands we have more than 10.000m2 production and warehouse facility. For all our customer we can assure a safety stock. Our warehouse facility guarantees a fast delivery all over Europe, within 2 working days. We are in close distance to 2 of the main harbours in the world: Rotterdam Port and Antwerp Port, our logistic network covers a worldwide fast and secure delivery.
We are responsible for a smooth supply chain, so our customers can focus on the production of their products.

We can deliver our PET Flakes and Recycled PET (rPET) resin pellets in any kind of packaging: Big Bag, Silo truck, 25 kilo bag or whatever our customer prefers.

Pet Flakes and Pet Granules Pellets