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Sustainability is a top priority here at Avery Dennison, and together with our network of partners, we can innovate in ways that move us closer to a circular economy. Today, we are proud to announce an exciting new partnership with Polymers UpCycling (@DutchPETRecycling) that will take our label liner recycling program – AD Circular – to the next level.

PET liner is known for its challenging characteristics and therefore is difficult to process in standard #PETrecycling facilities. But now, with Polymers UpCycling, we can successfully transform PET liners collected from AD Circular into high-value items such as packaging for the home and personal care industry – which can later be recycled in standard recycling streams.

Today our teams came together in the #AveryDennison office in Oegstgeest, NL, to celebrate our partnership! Peter Oosterloo, Ton Van den Oever, Katarzyna Glownia and Petra Gerritsma

Learn more about how you can contribute to a circular economy by visiting our AD Circular homepage: #InnovatewithAD #SustainablePackaging


AD Circular

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